Assassin's creed betrayal


"Amala!" My sister cried as she barged into my room, "We're under attack!"

"Allah protect us!" I got straight out've bed and pulled on my grey leggings, boots and a white shirt, "Have the citizens been evacuated the village?"

"They're being evatuated as we speak."

I put on my robes and equipped my weapons. A sword, dagger and my hidden blades.

"We should get to the village before it's over-run." Crystal, my sister, pointed to the door.

"Enough said." I opened the door and sprinted down the stairs and out into the courtyard. It was packed with citizens. Elderly, childeren. 

"Amala!" Someone called my name. I looked in the direction of the voice. I saw someone. It was Abbas.

"Abbas, have you seen my mother?"

"Yes. She came in a few seconds ago." Abbas answered.

I ran with my sister to the castle's gate. I saw my mothers cloak and I ran towards her.

"Amala!Crystal!" My mother cried when she turned and saw me and crystal running towards her. I hugged her, "I've been worried sick about you."

"Not as much as us."Crystal said. Al Mualim came came out onto the balcony.

"Any assassin's who are still in here need to leave for the village! Now!" He shouted.

"That's our queue to leave." I said, "I'm sorry mother, but we need to go." Me and Crystal started to move to the gate. Mother grabbed my arm. She had a look of worry on her face, "I'll keep her safe. By any means, no matter what the cost."

"That's what your father said to me 14 years ago."

"I'll make sure we both return in one piece." I said, "Now I must leave." Mother let go of my arm and I sprinted to catch up with my sister.

When we got to the village, the enemy was everywhere, burning down homes and shops in their wake.  We saw two groups of crusaders. One to the left, one to the right.

"I've got the one's on the right." I said. I made my way towards the group.

"Meeow." One of the crusaders, an englishman, said. All the others looked at me, "What is a pretty woman like you doing on the battlefeild?"

Before he could finish his question, there was a blade in his throat and his blood was everywhere. I unsheathed my sword and ran it through one of the suprised soldiers.  More guards showed up.

"ASSASSIN!" They shouted.

"Give me a break." I said, "It's past my bedtime." The guards burst out laughing, unfortunatly, theystopped when they saw me slit a mans throat. Then, all at once, I felt a sharp pain surge through my body. I looked down and there was a sword through me. It was, then, pulled out and my blood went everywher.. I turned and disarmed the guy. I threw his sword at the Crusader General, Robert de Sable. It missed him by a few milliemeters. I started to grow weak and everything turned slow_motion. The sreams of mercy, the screams of agony, the screams of my sister as she was disarmed and taken by Robert de sable. She kept screaming my name. I managed to shout to her,"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. May the path of understanding guide you!"I started to fall when I felt someone's arms wrap around me. One around my abdoman and the other just above the knee.

"You'll survive this. I know you will." The man said, "I promise."

All I could do was watch my sister struggle in the grasp of the crusaders. I knew that, if I survived this, I would forever hate this day. 20th December. And I would always hate the year 1189. I grew limp and I blacked out. 

Chapter 2