"AMALA!!!" I screamed as saw my sister get stabbed and, as that happened I was torn away from her. I heard my sister cry, "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. May the path of understanding guide you!"

Then I'm being taken away by the Crusader General ,Robert de Sable.

"Allah, please keep my sister safe from any more harm." I prayed. Then I saw a man pick my sister up. I had no idea who he was but he looked like an assassin, so she was obviously in the right hands. Hopefully.

The next thing I knew, everything went black.

I woke up,but all I could see was the darkness surrounding me. I was tied to a chair and then a candal was lit. I saw a man. It was the guy who stabbed my sister. He said, "Hello, what were you thinking? What were you and all of those Assassins thinking?"

"What were WE thinking? We didn't have a choice. We HAD to fight back since YOU were the one's who came into OUR village and decided to attack us!You gave us no choice!"

"I would think VERY carefully of what you are saying if I was you. Assassino!"

I spat straight in his ugly face.I didn't even want to hear a word he had to say. He had probably killed my sister.

"Where's Amala?!" I shouted at him.


"Where's my sister?The one you stabbed in the stomach with a smirk on your pathetic, puny, little face!"

"Oh her, probably dead on the filthy ground, or in deep pain begging for mercy." he said with a smug grin on his face.

"You're lying!" I said that as I looked at the ground. I shouldn't of been, but I did. Because a little part of me thought "It's true."

"But how do you know?" I looked up. But as I did, he stopped.

"Because I do." He laughed and blew the candal out. His laughing ringing in my ears. And what did he say, 'Probably dead on the filthy ground, or in deep pain begging for mercy.' Aner boiled up inside of me. I couldn't leave. I couldn't write a letter to Al Mualim saying, 'I'm a prisoner. Help me.' A. there wasn't any parchment, quills or ink, and b. my hands were tied. All I could do was sit there.In the dark.With no one there.Just me and my thoughts. And memories going through my mind of what happend today.20th December 1187.The day I lost my sister.The day I lost everything.My family.Everything.I will never forget this day.

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